Narrative Design Portfolio

Notable Shipped Titles

Free Press for Kiwi Inc.

  • Pitched, wrote, and programmed the interactive fiction game Free Press for Kiwi Inc.’s Sequel app.
  • Programmed 4000 words into a proprietary game engine. Created narrative branches and choice variables. Develop the game’s narrative voice and execution on creative vision throughout production, from initial concept and foundational development, character development, important narrative milestones, through to final polish. Two chapters were produced.

Somewhere Near Romance

  • You are an AI–can you truly love a human being?
  • Demonstrates choice variables, narrative branches, and dialogue trees.

Bi Lines

Lore Distance Relationship

  • Follow user StaircaseHaven14 on a Neopets-esque site called Ruffians as she faces life’s challenges, RPs with her long-distance BFF (or more than BFF?) Bee, and encounters familial hardship, from age 8 to 18.  
  • Demonstrates choice variables, character dialogue, and narrative branches.


LED Gaslight

  • 3rd Place Winner of Jennifer Ann’s Life.Love Game Design Challenge (2019)

Queer In Public

  • Golden Banana Award Winner (Interactive Fiction Competition 2017)


  • Preselection in the Write A Game Challenge (2015)